Waterloo Region Rapid Transit Project

My colleague Vincent is also running a blog. If you are interested in more transit-oriented writing, I urge you to give http://www.vincentbaik.com a look.

Vincent Baik


In about a year’s time, the Region of Waterloo will open its new rapid transit system. The system will be composed of a 19 km light rail (LRT) line from Conestoga Mall to Fairview Park Mall (a.k.a. ION LRT), and an already launched adapted-bus rapid transit (aBRT) service connecting the southern terminus of the LRT to Ainslie Terminal in Cambridge. With the opening of the LRT, the existing public transit network for Waterloo Region will begin to see modifications to its service. These changes are aimed to transform the existing hub-and-spoke system in the region, into a grid system. The LRT will be complemented by the existing iXpress system of higher-frequency express buses. How well these changes pan out will be up to time to determine. I should mention now that I am biased in favour of the project, but having lived, studied, and explored the city of Waterloo…

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