90153346_660677338061252_2372451148746457088_nMy name is Katie Turriff. I am a soon-to-be graduate of University of Waterloo’s School of Planning with a Baccalaureate of Environmental Studies, Honours Planning Co-op.

My interests lie in Indigenous planning theory and practice, Indigenous law, and how Indigenous traditions can exist alongside Western traditions. As a Mohawk-European woman who lives with ‘one foot in each canoe,’ I am learning how that translates to a planning context.

On this site you can find my academic work, published writing, résumé, and other information about me and the work that I am doing.

While the site is titled “Katie on Cities” as this was the title of my original blog, I surpass the boundaries of cities in my curiosities to learn about people, culture, rural and remote communities, and more.